Friday, September 10, 2010

Kanye West’s Music Video “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols

Article from The Vigilant Citizen

Kanye West’s “Power” is a short, almost stationary video that manages to tell a profound story in symbolic language. By decoding the occult meaning of the symbols present in this moving tableau, the viewer discovers who really holds the “power” in the world and understands the story of Kanye West’s initiation. We will look at the meaning of those symbols as they appear in the video.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Risks and Rewards of Royal Incest

Here is an article about royal blood lines keeping power and wealth with in the family through incest or cousin marriages.  People should realize this goes on everywhere including, although maybe not to the extent of other places, America.  We have the ability to elect leaders however, we do not really have the ability to select.  When you take the time to look into the family linage of many of the high power people calling the shots in the country, you find a large amount are in fact from the same root blood lines.  Believe it or not most of the recent presidents have all been related to each other some way or another.  Further more, when you follow these blood lines they will take you all the way up to the British Royal Family.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Advanced Ancient Civilizations

Egyptian Light Bulb

Today when people think about ancient civilizations, pictures of primitive people using ropes and simple tools to build temples at which they sacrifice people to the gods they perceive the stars and Sun in the sky to be.   However, is it possible that the Earth has a much longer story with in it’s history then we are aware of?  Why do so many ancient text speak in a factual manner about events that seem sci-fi to us? Could they actually be speaking of something real? Maybe today is not the real peak of technology that we are lead to believe it is.  After reading and learning quite a bit on this topic I am lead to believe certainly there was ancient civilizations who possessed technological wisdom and even that it was probably greater then ours today.  The first objection that may come to mind is the fact that such a civilization could have existed and leave so little evidence.  We should consider that if left to rot,  Earth’s forces would cover or disintegrated even our large cities in just a few hundred years.  After a few thousand years, there would be hardly any trace anything ever existed at all.  In regards to the time frame this knowledge existed, we are not talking just thousands of years but tens of thousands of years.   Still even after that long, some sort of evidence should have survived.  There are many things on the Earth today that do in fact provide that evidence.  The majority of people cannot break free of the view of Earth they have believed to be fact for so long though, so evidence that threatens that view is normally ignored and people who attempt to point it out are mocked.  

Many things found from the ancient world are so consensus reality defying that main stream scientists just cannot bring them self to look seriously.   Some of these things are ancient writings and stories.
Read the following prose and decide what is being described: 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great Pyramid of Giza

On the west of the river Nile, not too far from ancient Memphis and almost opposite present day Cairo, stands the last one of the seven wonders of the ancient world The Great Pyramid of Giza. This is the largest, most complex of all the pyramids and yet strangely enough, it was also the first to be built. It embodies in its construction such a wealth of knowledge of mathematics , science and astronomy that indicate that it's builders possessed amazing wisdom.  

According to our present knowledge the Great Pyramid of Giza is mostly solid mass, it’s only known interior spaces being the Descending passage (the original entrance), the Ascending passage, the Grand Gallery, a mysterious grotto, an equally mysterious subterranean chamber, and the two main chambers. These two chambers, called the King's Chamber and the Queen's Chamber, have unfortunately retained the misleading names given to them by early Arab visitors to the pyramid. It is an Arab custom to bury men in tombs with a flat roof and women in rooms with a gabled roof; therefore, in the Great Pyramid, the flat-roofed granite chamber became the King's Chamber, while the gabled, limestone chamber below became the Queen's. Even those archaeologists who still stubbornly subscribe to the tomb theory of the pyramid do not believe that a queen or anyone else was ever buried in the limestone chamber. The King's Chamber is 10.46 meters east to west by 5.23 meters north to south by 5.81 meters high (a series of measurements that precisely expresses the mathematical proportion known as the Golden Mean, or Phi). It is built of enormous blocks of solid red granite (weighing as much as 80 tons) that were transported by a still-unknown means from the quarries of Aswan 600 miles to the south. Within the chamber, in the western end, sits a large, lidless coffer (7.5 feet by 3.25 feet, with sides averaging 6.5 inches thick) of dark black granite. When the Arab Abdullah Al Mamun finally forced his entry into the chamber in AD 820 - the first entry since the chamber was sealed in some long ago time - he found the coffer entirely empty. Egyptologists assume that this was the final resting place of Khufu, yet not the slightest evidence suggests that a corpse had ever been in this coffer or chamber. Nor have any embalming materials, any fragments of any article, or any clues whatsoever been found in the chamber or anywhere else in the entire pyramid that in any way indicates that Khufu (or anyone else) was ever buried there. Furthermore, the passageway leading from the Grand Gallery to the main chamber is too narrow to admit the movement of the coffer; the coffer must have been placed in the chamber as the pyramid was being built, contrary to the normal burial custom practiced by the Egyptians for three thousand years.

The Great Pyramid as a Prophetic Calendar

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