This Blogs Purpose

This Blogs Purpose
While pretty much my entire life I have always had a firm belief in the fact that the world we live in has more to it then we typically perceive. In the past couple of years or so however, I have become very fascinated with actually looking into this for my self and it has lead me to a true realization: The universe we are shown and taught is a very limited view.

I first started looking into stuff like this as a result of my mom discovering the connections many people in my direct linage have to so many important events in history. I have pretty much lived a mostly normal life and learning that my immediate family was some how secluded from knowledge, wealth and influence that has been kept with in it's direct linage for hundreds of years came as a shock to me. My immediate family has gone through some tough times and in some ways we have been robbed of what according to tradition, we should have inherited. This new knowledge sparked many curiosities, why were we not included, why had I never heard anything about this and exactly how involved have members of my direct family tree been in shaping global structure. I started looking into stuff like government conspiracies, however inevitably if you look deep enough into anything like this, you soon learn one truth that is truer then any other truth. 

All things are connected in many ways, apparent and unapparent, all religions, spirituality, religious texts, UFOs, aliens, crop circles, the occult, ancient civilizations and myths, astrology, music, art, math, science, medicine, health, archaeology, geology, numerology, government conspiracies, secret societies and our entire societies structure. They and more are all linked

Literally every single aspect of the lives we live has been influenced by countless factors which have been influenced by countless other factors. The history we are typically aware of is comparable to the cover of an entire novel where the real history is the many volumes inside the book. We live in a world of many physical ormental stresses and detriments that could for the most part, be very easily avoided. The real history and information is systematically removed from mainstream interest and has been so for a very, very long time. While professionals or "experts" are mostly very intelligent, they have for the most part achieved their expert title by conforming to a certain set of acceptable educational standards which is in most cases required to attain their level. These educational standards are created by others who have gone through the same process to reach their conclusion of fact and fiction as well. Many new and revolutionary concepts are ridiculed and harshly dismissed for the most part unless they are presented by one of these expert individuals: which are the very people who have the most resistance against them. Facts are ignored and theories are made on many times incomplete information, so our society progresses very slow in terms of the actual development we are capable of.

People are starting to wake up to this, mostly thanks to the internet. All information is accessible for everyone to look at and decide for them selves. While not everything is right, everything does present a new piece to the puzzle and by looking at all view points a much clearer picture of how our universe actually works can be seen.

The purpose of this blog is to help people discover what is out their, as in the large amount of matter that is out side of the boxed in view mainstream will give you.
Open your box and see what is out side.